Nothing Here to See.

When I had discovered websites that were using my 2tor handle, I decided I needed to capture the original 2tor site, as that’s who I am. The original 2tor. I got on the internet at the end of 1991, so there can be no debate about it.

I have not blogged (hate the word blog) as my opinions can get me in to trouble. My opinions are based on observation and research, and almost always come true. I have a knack for catching what’s wrong with the world and where it’s headed. I often wonder why no-one else saw it coming.

It’s extremely frustrating at times trying to push back into myself the things I see coming that can doom us all, but I have no means of stopping it. So to worry or preach is a waste of time. It would also be dangerous in a country with a corrupt government that’s decided tyranny is their right, because they think they’re right. Straight from Karl Marx’s playbook.

I don’t remember the author, but there’s a philosopher from the 14th century that said “You only have to be right once, for paranoia to be worth it.” That’s great for oneself, but worthless to convince others of the things you see possible, or probable.

This site will be my vent, for me. there will be no sight name or comments allowed. I don’t need opinions, conspiracy theories, or words of warning.


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